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Supported devices

USB flash disks, smart cards, tokens, biometric devices

Characteristics of smart cards and tokens

Device compatibility

Will your hardware device work with Dekart software?

List of supported devices

Dekart disk encryption and authentication software uses different types of security hardware keys to generate secret cryptographic keys, securely store private data (cryptographic keys, biometric identifiers, passwords, system settings etc), and authenticate to the systems, including:

The Hardware Keys must be formatted with a special program called Dekart Key formatting utility. You can download it from our software download page for FREE.

USB tokens

  • ActivCard ActivKey USB token series
  • Aladdin eToken R2 USB token series
  • Aladdin eToken PRO USB token series
  • Algorithmic Research MiniKey USB token series
  • Eutronsec CryptoIdentity ITSEC USB token series
  • Eutronsec CryptoIdentity FIPS
  • Eutronsec CryptoIdentity 2048
  • Eutronsec CryptoIdentity 4 USB token series
  • Eutronsec CryptoIdentity 5 USB token series
  • Feitian Technologies ePass 2000 USB token: 
    • ePass2000 FT10 (STARCOS 2.3)
    • ePass2000 FT1  (STARCOS 2.4)
  • Rainbow iKey 1000 USB token series
  • Rainbow iKey 2000 USB token series
  • Rainbow iKey 3000 USB token series
  • ruToken USB token series

Smart cards

  • ACOS1/ACOS3 smart card series
  • Algorithmic Research PrivateCard smart card series
  • Athena ASECard Crypto smart card series
  • Safenet Model 310 smart card series
  • Safenet Model 330 smart card series
  • GemPlus GPK smart card series
  • GemPlus MPCOS EMV smart card series
  • Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS S smart card series
  • Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS SPK smart card series
  • IBM GemPlus 10L7341 smart card series
  • Schlumberger Cryptoflex smart card series
  • Schlumberger Multiflex smart card series
  • Schlumberger Payflex smart card series
  • Siemens CardOS M 4 smart card series
  • SMARTCOS smart card series

Other devices
USB flash drives, CD-R/RW disks and other portable storage devices

Smart card readers

Dekart Software uses virtually all PC/SC compatible smart card readers, for example:

Biometric verification devices

Dekart Software uses most types of BioAPI and HA API compatible biometric verification devices, for example:

  • ACS AET60 BioCARDKey
  • ACS ADT60 BioSIMKey
  • BioLink U-Match MatchBook
  • BioLink U-Match Mouse
  • Precise Biometrics Precise 100 fingerprint and smart card reader series
  • SCM SCR222 fingerprint reader
  • Sony MicroVault USM-F
  • Veridicom FPS100
  • Veridicom FPS110
  • Veridicom FPS200

*Except Gemplus GemSAFE smart card series. Dekart formatting utilitites are not allowed to format the GemSAFE cards, because GemSAFE cards have status "finally formatted". In other words, GemSAFE is a card already pre-formatted for use with GemSAFE libraries, and the formatting applied to this card does not allow any other formatters to work with this card. But Dekart's applications don't use GemSAFE libraries, Dekart's applications work with cards directly using card's commands set. Only in case that you have "raw" cards, i.e. "non-formatted" GPK cards you can format them using our formatting utility.

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