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USB flash disks, smart cards, tokens, biometric devices

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  1. Download this program.
  2. Contact us: support at dekart dot com, in order to discuss the details of the intervention. Leaving your ICQ/MSN/etc contacts will help us get in touch faster.

What is it?

This is a premium service, available to registered customers only. Its goal is to simplify the communication between our technical support department and our clients. By applying this method, you can help us see the problem 'with our own eyes', which results in a faster solution, since you don't have to explain the situation yourself.

How does it work?

The service works by establishing a remote desktop connection to your computer, meaning that our helpdesk technicians can see your desktop, move your mouse, press buttons on your keyboard, and so on. The remote administration tool we use is a modified version of VNC, called SingleClick VNC. The program is developed by the UltraVNC team, you can find more details about it here.

This modified version works like any other VNC server, but there are several distinctions:  

  • No configurations are needed, you can make a connection with just a couple of clicks.  
  • Only outgoing connections can be made. In other words, you must initiate the connection yourself.  
  • All the settings are preconfigured, and they cannot be modified. This means that one cannot 'hijack' your computer. This guarantees that only our team members can connect to you (only after you decide to initiate a connection).
  • The program does not make any changes to your system, nor it writes any records to your Windows registry. It cleanly removes itself from the system once the 'intervention' is complete.

Is it safe?

Yes, this is absolutely safe. First of all, because the connection can only be initiated by you, and second – the program can only connect to our office.

The third argument – you can optionally choose to encrypt the connection, which guarantees that all the traffic that occurs between our computers is encrypted. If you select this option, you will have to contact us first, so that the encryption key (a special file) is sent to you.

Why VNC?

We have experimented with various remote desktop solutions and came to the conclusion that VNC is the optimal choice. Here are the reasons:  

  • Small file size.  
  • Ease of use.  
  • The applied version of VNC is free and open source.  
  • It works well over slow connections.  
  • Ultra VNC SingleClick initiates the connections itself, which means that you can connect to us even if you access the Internet via NAT.

I know what I'm doing, can we use something else?

Sure, if you are familiar with how VNC works and you can set up the server yourself, or if you prefer a different flavor of VNC (ex: TightVNC, RealVNC, etc), or if you would like to use Microsoft Remote Desktop instead – let us know.

However, the solution we propose requires no configuration, is very small, it can be easily set up and it works out of the box. We tried a lot of other things before we chose it.

Are there possible drawbacks of this method?

Of course, this approach does not guarantee the resolution of your case.  

  • Some serious errors (sudden restarts, blue screens, etc) are not 'seen' on the other end of the connection. Because the mechanism that allows us to see what is happening on your machine crashes too.  
  • Slow network connections, or frequent disconnects (if you're on dial-up) will make things more complex.  
  • Your system administrator could have blocked the network ports which have to be open in order to make the connection possible.  
  • You might also have to configure your firewall to allow VNC to initiate a connection.

If you chose a different VNC server (or a different remote desktop solution), there may be a problem with the ability to establish a connection if you are not connected directly to the Internet. In this case, a connection can only be established if port-forwarding is configured, or if you use a server that can 'invite' a client.

Other things you should know

Dekart Intervention is our last resort, which means that we will do this only if everything else failed.

That is why, make sure that you did at least one (but preferably all) of the following:  

  • Read the manual of the program. (ok, ok… at least check out the Troubleshooting section).  
  • Browse the howto section of our site.  
  • Check out the FAQ and the nFAQ.  
  • Analyze the topics on the forum.  
  • Contact our support department.

Your intervention is needed, what do I do?

  1. Download this program.
  2. Contact us: support@dekart.com, in order to obtain the encryption key (if you prefer to use an encrypted connection) and arrange the time of the connection. Perhaps it is of reason to leave us your ICQ/MSN/etc details, so that we can discuss the details 'in person'.
  3. At the arranged time, run the program and double click on one of the items in the list on the left.
  4. Each item represents a connection. You can connect to one of the computers in our office, or to the home computer of one of our technicians. Depending on their availability and the time of the day, your request will be redirected to the right person.

Note:  we are located in the GMT + 2 time zone, which means that there could be difficulties in finding the time to establish the connection; but nothing is impossible, and we will do our best to help you out.

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Thank you for your prompt and informative reply. I'm spreading the word on your product to my work colleagues. Hopefully you'll get some more orders for your great product.

David S.

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