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Supported devices

USB flash disks, smart cards, tokens, biometric devices

Characteristics of smart cards and tokens

Device compatibility

Will your hardware device work with Dekart software?

Device compatibility

How to check if your flash memory device can work with Dekart software

Before you buy the software, you can freely test it by downloading from here.

To check if your USB flash disk (or other removable device) will most likely work with Dekart software, please check if Windows recognizes the disk as a removable drive. To check it, please, do the following:

1. Connect your USB flash disk (or other device) to the computer, go to Windows Exporer and find the new drive letter (G:/ F:/) appeared after you connected the device.

2. Right-click on this letter to select the "Properties" from the menu.

3. In General tab of the Properties window you should see the Type property. Make sure you have the Type: Removable disk string. Note:Normally, Dekart software recognizes your removable device once you connect it to the computer.

What do these errors mean?

"Unknown key" error  – when you receive the "unknown key" error, please check if your device is listed in the list of smart cards, tokens, biometric and other devices supported by Dekart software.

"The key was not found in the key reader" error – when you receive the "The key was not found in the key reader", please make sure that you have formatted the key using Dekart Key Formatting utility. To obtain the Key Formatting utility for testing purposes, please contact Dekart at support@dekart.com.

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Thank you very much for your kind and fast response. I really confirm I'm going to buy the product.The reply tells me you are a great company who know exactly what it is doing.

Pablo P.

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