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Supported devices

USB flash disks, smart cards, tokens, biometric devices

Characteristics of smart cards and tokens

Device compatibility

Will your hardware device work with Dekart software?

Demo repository

What is this?

Dekart's technical support department maintains a repository of demos which illustrate how our encryption and access control software works. These demos are meant to give you a chance to see the programs in action without having to buy, or even download and install them! This is very convenient, especially for those who like to keep their system clean (which is a good practice).

The demos can also serve as a reference, in case you attempt to perform an action which does not seem to work right.

Feel free to send us your own demos, or to suggest us how to improve this section by adding new content to it. Feedback of any kind is welcome.

Note: The demos require the Macromedia Flash plugin

  • Creating a new disk: this demo illustrates all the steps that have to be performed in order to create a new virtual encrypted disk using Private Disk. It was made with Private Disk v 2.04, though it still applies to v 2.06, as the interface was not changed significantly.
  •  Set a strong password: a demo which illustrates the process of changing an old password to a new one. Why this is necessary:
    1. Change a weak password to a new and strong password.
    2. Perform a password change at regular intervals, which is a good practice.

  •  How to install Dekart SIM Card Reader – the installtion process is illustrated and commented. The guide also explains how to verify that the smart card reader was installed correctly.

Users' contributions

None so far.

Share your experience: If you can make a nice and useful demo, submit it to us, and get a free license. Note that the demo must be interesting, new, and why not fun? Our support team reserves the right to reject the demos which are either redundant (i.e. similar demos already exist) or if they display obvious things which do not require additional explanations. Feel free to contact us: support@dekart.com.


  • Howto index: A list of Howto's which show how our encryption and access control software can be used in various ways.  
  • Dekart Forum: A forum on which various data-encryption and access-control discussions are held.  
  • 1 Article = 1 License: Another way to get a free license.  

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Demo Repository

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Hey! Thank you for the super-fast response! Great Customer Service! It looks like a great program and I am looking forward to using it.

William M.

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