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Dekart support

The technical support section of our site is designed to help you find answers to the questions related to our products. Visiting this page is the first thing you should do if something goes wrong, or if you wish to use the software with a greater efficiency. All the material is prepared and maintained by the members of Dekart's helpdesk, and it is structured into the following sub-sections:

  Feedback form

A clever form that will help you send us an informative question that contains all the facts we need to know in order to provide you with a fast and detailed response. Please try to fill in as many fields as you can, so that we get a better picture of your situation.

Note that nowadays, spam is a major problem, and it is possible that our reply will not reach you.

Please make sure that you take all the measures that will minimize this possibility, by adding our address (support at dekart dot com) to your white-list and by checking your junk folder at regular intervals. Another way to resolve the issue is to fill in the "alternative contact information" field, so that we could get in touch with you if our reply is not delivered.


Various articles that illustrate how encryption and authentication software works, how it can be used in different circumstances, how it can be combined with other applications, and so on. These articles are rather informative, and they often include screenshots, flowcharts, use cases or other elements that will help you understand things easier.


Frequently asked questions about our software and hardware. Additionally, the FAQs contain facts that might be interesting to those who haven't yet purchased a product.


The place where security-related issues can be discussed by anyone, including non-registered users. New ideas, feature suggestions, problems and solutions, and general computer-talk, this is what the forum is designed for. This is also a way to contact Dekart's technicians directly.

Demo repository

A collection of animated demos that allow you to see how the software is configured and used. The demos are a great extension of the HowTo section.

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