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Shopping FAQ

Special notice:

Due to the enormous amount of spam, emails containing registration information may accidentally be treated as junk mail. If you did not receive a message from Dekart within 24 hours after the purchase, please get in touch with us, providing alternative contact information at this page.


icoBefore Buying

icoPayment Processing

icoRegistering software at Dekart

icoUpgrade Policy at Dekart

icoLicensing Policy at Dekart

icoDekart Contact Information

Before Buying

ico Will I receive a disk/CD after my order?
All Dekart software products are sold and shipped electronically. It means that when you buy the software you only receive an email with the license key (registration number) in it. The application itself can be downloaded directly from our website here. Most of our applications are quite small and therefore it wouldn't take you much time to download them.

ico Is it safe to use my credit card on your online shop?
Yes, it is very safe. All transactions are performed using SSL and HTTPS protocols, which provide secure environment for the transactions. This basically means that all sensitive information such as credit card number is encrypted, making it extremely difficult to be intercepted by a third party.

ico What is the difference between Personal and a Student/Educational license?
Apart from the price difference both software licenses are completely the same. Educational license type is offered to students and educational organizations, such as universities, academies and institutes that intend to use Dekart software in educational purposes. Non-governmental organizations are also eligible to apply for such a discount; however Dekart reserves the right to consider and review each application separately.
The only difference between the two licenses is their price. Usually, the student license costs 2 times less than the business one.
Note: If you wish to obtain a student/educational license of our software, please contact us at sales@dekart.com

ico Where do I get the installation guidelines for the software?
All the documentation, installation guidelines, as well as the large database of how-to articles is available on our website support section. You can freely download it even before buying the software. In case you subscribe to our newsletter, you will also receive latest how-to article announcements.

Payment Processing

ico What is Element5, Regnow, Paypal, Webmoney?
These are the payment processing service companies Dekart is using to process the orders made at Dekart online store. All payment processing services represent trusted parties and are using secure protocols making it impossible for a third party to intercept your credit card information. These companies are acting as third-party resellers of Dekart software. That is why when you receive your credit card statement, it will show that you purchased the software from the service you selected and not from Dekart. It is up to you to choose any of them – the range of processing companies is provided by Dekart solely for your convenience in case you already have an account at one of them (e.g. Paypal).

ico Payment Options.
We accept the following payment options:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB
  • Wire transfers
  • PayPal

Registering software at Dekart

ico I have bought your software, and received the license key. I entered the license key in the About dialog, however, I get a message that the software is NOT REGISTERED and that I have to register online. Why?
This message means that although you purchased Dekart software you are not registered in the Dekart Client Database.
Dekart has a large network of third-party resellers (distributors), who are selling Dekart software through their own channels. Besides that, some of the payment processing systems used in the Dekart online store, such as Element5, Emetrix, Regnow are also distributing the license keys directly to the Dekart customers.
So in case your software was bought through some of these channels we do not have any information about your purchase, unless you register on our website. To do that you have to go to the license registration section and enter the license key you've got from your third-party distributor. As soon as you do that you will get an email from us with the registration number which will enable you to register your software and get all the benefits associated with it.


icoIs registration mandatory?
You are absolutely free to use our software without registering it via our website. However we still encourage you to register it, for several reasons. First of all, that makes you eligible to receive free updates of the next versions of our software in the future. Secondly, if you register your purchase at our website, we will be able to help you in case you forget or lose your registration number, by sending it back to you.

icoDo I need to register to get Tech Support?
No. All people regardless of whether they are already registered customers at Dekart or are only considering registering can get technical support at Dekart. However, registered customer requests will get a higher priority when being answered. Registered customers will normally get response to their inquiry within one-two business days, while unregistered customers will receive the answer within 5 or more business days. Due to the popularity of our software we get quite a large number of requests every day so it might take some time until we process the request from an unregistered customer. As a registered user, you get other privileges too; for example, you can be contacted by phone by one of our technicians if your problem requires an urgent solution. Also, you can take advantage of our exclusive service Dekart Intervention. Please read this page for more information.

icoAre there any other benefits to registering?
Main benefits of the registration are as stated above are quicker and more efficient support, access to new versions as well as the ability to receive your registration number if it is lost. Besides that, Dekart sometimes organizes special discount campaigns targeted solely at registered users, offering special discounts for other Dekart products.

icoI lost my registration information. What do I do?
Please note that we can only help you if you have registered at our website. In case you are – please submit a request to us, with your name, Order ID, and/or email address that was used when placing the order. We will work with you to locate the order in our database, and resend you the registration information.

Upgrade Policy at Dekart

ico Will I have to pay for the future updates of Dekart programs?
Dekart has two different policies towards major and minor updates. Being a registered user of one or more Dekart software applications you are entitled to a free copy for any minor updates of this product and to a 50% discount for any major upgrade of the product.

icoWhat is a Minor Update?
A minor update is an interim release that fixes bugs, improves performance, enhances usability, updates data, or adds a new feature to an existing version. Version numbers look like v2.0, v.2.01, v.2.02, etc. If your original purchase was for, say, Dekart Private Disk 2.0, then you are entitled to all the updates for free, but only those, beginning with number "2". Updates for the current edition can be downloaded from our web site at no charge. Minor updates are released quite frequently (every 2-3 months).

icoWhat is a Major Update?
The major upgrade is a revision that involves extensive engineering work to provide significant enhancements to a product and is often accompanied with new documentation, dramatic changes of the user interface, new design and many new useful features. Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the first version number. So an upgrade from 1.xx to 2.0 is a major upgrade.

Major updates to applications usually require an update fee to help cover additional engineering and documentation costs. The update fee may range from 30-50% off the initial price of the product. If the next major version is released within 30 days from your previous version purchase, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Major updates are released relatively rarely (once in 1-2 years).

icoHow do I get a Free Minor Update of the product?
To get a Free Minor update of the product, please go to the following link, https://www.dekart.com/download/ , select the product you wish to update, enter your registration number in the provided field and click to download.

Licensing Policy at Dekart

Dekart License Agreement
You may find general terms and conditions regarding the Dekart Licensing Policy in this document: END-USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT  http://www.dekart.com/pub/documentation/eula.txt

icoOn how many computers or laptops can I install Dekart software?
Dekart licensing policy is based a on per/machine principle. In other words Dekart grants you with the right to use the software and any of its updates on a single computer only.

There are some exceptions to this rule. In case you have purchased a single license for individual use – you are allowed to use and install the Software on several machines. However, that only works if you do not operate the Software on more than one computer at a time. The following examples come to illustrate the rule:

Example 1. You represent a University that wishes to purchase Dekart Logon for one of its labs. There are 10 computers in the lab and about 50 users that work there. In this case you only need to purchase 10 license keys of Dekart Logon. You may either buy 10 separate licenses of Dekart Logon or request a single multi-user license that would install on all 10 computers in a lab.

Example 2. You are an individual and you wish to buy Dekart Private Disk and use it on your Home PC and laptop. You may only buy one license of Dekart Private Disk and install it on both of your personal computers. However, you are not allowed to use Dekart Private Disk on both computers simultaneously. If you need that – you will have to buy two license keys of Dekart Private Disk.

In case you need to use the purchased software on several computers simultaneously you may request a Multi-User License. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate license key per each computer.

icoWhat is a Multi-User License? How much does it cost?
The Multi-User License represents the license which allows simultaneous use of the Dekart software on more than one machine. Such a license is more convenient if you desire to use the Dekart Software on a network. The Multi-User license Key consists of a standard combination of 25 symbols plus 5 more symbols.
The price of a Multi-User license is the same as the price of equal number of separate licenses. In other words the price for 4 separate user licenses and the price for one Multi-User license for 4 people is the same.

Dekart Contact Information

icoI have some questions about your software that are not in the FAQ. Is there a phone number I can call to get my questions answered?  
You may call us at (+373) 22 604-290. Our working hours are between 9.00 to 18.00 (GMT+2 zone).

icoWhere are you located? Do you have any representatives in other countries?
Our central office is located in Chisinau, Moldova (Eastern Europe). Dekart has a lot of third party resellers and as well as technology partners worldwide, in US, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, and many other countries.

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