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Dekart Security Suite

Dekart Security Suite is a comprehensive security solution designed to provide full desktop protection for your PC or notebook. The solution is composed of a suite of tools to encrypt data, manage passwords, securely authenticate to Windows and encrypt e-mail. The solution is equally suitable for businesses and individuals, offering easy deployment and requiring minimal IT effort and maintenance.  The benefits of Dekart Security Suite: 

  • Offers secure multiple factor authentication to encrypted disks, files, desktops, laptops and VPN
  • Supports biometric authentication to your desktop, laptop, encrypted disks and files
  • Easy back-up of user data
  • Manages your passwords and other personal data and auto-fills them into the web forms and Windows applications
  • Exports digital certificates to a USB-key or smart card
  • Uses NIST-certified, AES 256-bit encryption
  • Includes a robust key management system
  • Comes with a strong security device: A USB token

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Dekart Security Suite

Dekart Security Suite with 32kb USB token

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Dekart Security Suite is composed of the following Dekart software products:

  • Dekart Private Disk Multifactor
  • Dekart Secrets Keeper
  • Dekart Logon
  • Dekart RSA Cryptographic provider
  • Dekart Key Manager
  • Dekart Password Carrier

Disk encryption – Dekart Private Disk Multifactor

Dekart Private Disk Multifactor powerful encryption software allows protecting information on computer hard drives and all types of removable media like USB flash drives, memory sticks etc.

Dekart Private Disk Multifactor guarantees strong hard disk protection (as well as the protection of your removable media) through a powerful and proven encryption algorithm (AES 256-bit).

Private Disk Multifactor allows enjoying the benefits of smart card/USB flash disk authentication as well as the combination of smart card and biometric authentication (e.g. with user's fingerpints).

File encryption – Dekart Secrets Keeper
Secrets Keeper allows the user to encrypt and decrypt files in order to keep information safe from unauthorized viewing and manipulation. Secrets Keeper employs a powerful SHA-1 hash algorithm to protect files with a 256-bit encryption key. Information is automatically encrypted, and can only be accessed by entering the correct password. Without the password the file is completely unreadable.

User authentication – Dekart Logon
Dekart Logon is designed to provide an additional level of security for your PC or notebook and for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Access to your Windows account can only be gained after inserting an USB key or smart card into the appropriate slot and by entering the correct PIN code.

Digital signatures and email encryption – Dekart RSA Cryptographic Provider
Dekart RSA Cryptographic Provider integrates into the Windows operating system and enables you digitally sign and encrypt/decrypt Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express emails, as well as store and verify digital signatures.

Management tool for USB tokens and smart cards – Dekart Key Manager
Key Manager is a versatile management tool for USB keys and smart cards. It simplifies the process of management of Dekart multifactor security solutions within the enterprise. This is a tool for administrators charged with the challenging task of management of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of USB keys and smart cards. Using this tool the administrator can easily backup the data from USB key or a smart card, store them in a protected file, easily move data from one key to another, edit and store it back on the key.

Password Management – Dekart Password Carrier

Dekart Password Carrier automatically collects and securely stores the passwords and private data you type when you log on to web-sites or use Windows applications. The program was initially designed to run from removable drives, which allows it to be used on any computer without sacrificing functionality or security. Besides automatically collecting your passwords, storing them in an encrypted form, and transparently feeding them to the web-browser, Password Carrier generates strong passwords, easy register new accounts, and gives Phishing and keylogger protection.

Features and Benefits


  • Reinforced three factor authentication
    Dekart Security Suite utilizes a combined hardware, software and biometric approach in order to secure your computer and information. Three factor authentication is: something you know (eg. your password our PIN code), something you have (eg. security token or a smart card),and something you area (eg. a fingerprint or other biometric attribute). Such a high level of security cannot be matched by simple password based solutions.
  • Interoperability with other Dekart and third party solutions
    The USB key or smart card is fully compatible with all Dekart and many third party solutions, meaning that the user needs only one USB token or smart card in order to take full advantage of the Dekart product range.
  • Compatible with multiple users and PCs
    Dekart Security Suite can be configured to enable access to several PC's with the use of a single card or USB key. Alternatively, the system can be set up to allow several cards or keys to access a single computer. This flexibility makes the Dekart Security Suite suitable for a wide range of business scenarios and environments.
  • Strong Encryption Algorithm
    The Dekart Security Solution employs the powerful strong encryption algorithm  AES-256-bit
  • Fast and affordable
    Dekart Security Suite is simple to install, eliminating the need to involve external IT support.
  • Easy management for multiple keys

System Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements to install and run the suite:

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • PC/SC compatible Smart Card reader or USB Port

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