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Dekart Smart Container


Smart Container


  • Secure storage and transportation of confidential data;
  • Reliable user authentication;
  • Process any type of smart cards as well as SIM, USIM and R-UIM cards



 Dekart Smart Container is a small and durable device that consists of a USB flash drive and a PC/SC-compliant smart card reader.

The USB connector and the smart card slot are secured with tight plastic caps;

  • The device LED indicates the current status of the unit;
  • The flash drive and the smart card reader can be used together, as well independently;
  • The flash memory is divided in two zones, one of which is available for read-only access, while the other one can be written to, and can hold user-defined data;
  • The built-in smart card reader is PC/SC-compliant;
  • Dekart Smart Container comes with its drivers onboard;
  • Smart Container comes with licenses for some of the most popular applications offered by Dekart.


Dekart Logon

This authentication software replaces the standard Windows logon dialog with a better one, which is more secure and convenient, supporting up to three factors of authentication: passwords, smart cards, and biometry. From now on, logging on to the system is done by connecting the key to a USB port and/or providing your PIN; all the other processes are automated, excluding the need to memorize and type in a complex password.

Dekart Smart Container secures authentication procedures, making access to an informational system a quick and painless process, allowing you to use smart card technology without the need to deploy a PKI.

 Dekart Private Disk on-the-fly encryption

Dekart Password Carrier

Password Carrier helps you manage passwords and automatically fill in the forms on web-sites. The application captures, securely stores, and automatically fills in user credentials and other personal data on web-forms and in Windows applications.

The built-in strong password generator will significantly enhance your level of protection, making user authentication more reliable.

Password Carrier was designed to run from a removable device like a flash drive, and it provides the ability to quickly make encrypted backups of your private data.

Dekart RSA Cryptographic Provider

The RSA Cryptographic Provider module integrates into Windows, acting as a CryptoAPI compatible cryptographic provider. Dekart RSA Cryptographic Provider stores your digital certificates and private keys, and is used by the system to encrypt data. What makes this cryptographic provider different from its analogues is the ability to store the certificates and keys on a broad range of smart cards and tokens.


  • USB full speed interface
  • No need for separate power supply or battery
  • No need to run separate drivers on most Windows version CCID and Mass Storage Device Class compatible
  • Automatic driver installation functionality
  • With protective USB cap, SIM card slot cover and Keychain loop
  • Compliant with the following International Standards: ISO7816, CE, FCC, PC/SC, and Microsoft WHQL

Smart Card Reader:

  • Size: 78.73 mm * 21.50 mm * 11 mm
  • PC/SC compliant, reads and writes all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1 protocols
  • Supports 5V MCU cards
  • Supports GSM card with Spec 11.11
  • Supports Plug-in (SIM-sized) card
  • Short Circuit Protection

Flash Drive:

  • Public (free read/write area for data storage) and Private (protected area for pre-loaded applications) zones

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