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PD File Move

PD File Move will organize and protect your important data for you. The program will automatically find the files you need, create an encrypted disk for them, and copy the files to that encrypted disk. Optionally, it securely erases the original files, leaving no trace of their presence.

The encrypted volume can be mounted by Private Disk, which will enable you to access the secured files as you would normally do with a regular, unprotected volume. Only you will be able to see the data, by providing the right password. Strong encryption provided by our NIST-certified implementation of AES-256 will ensure that nobody else can access your files.



  • Automatically find files of a special type just tell PD File Move what you are looking for, and the program will find everything for you.

PD File Move makes things simple; now copying your data to a protected disk is not only quicker, but also error proof, since there is no chance that you will forget a couple of files stashed somewhere inside your computer. PD File Move will find everything, nothing is left behind!


PD File Move requires Private Disk to be installed on the system.

Program Profile

Released: 07/03/2007
Version: 1.00
What's new in v. 1.00
Size: 1.14 Mb
Microsoft Windows

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