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Disk and file encryption for Windows

Dekart offers a holistic approach to protection of information assets.

What do you expect
from a security solution?

We offer:


FIPS validated encryption algorithm implementation (AES 256-bit encryption, SHA-512)


- easy local and remote access
- fault-tolerance
- consistent and predictable performance

High-speed encryption

fast encryption, without hindering system performance


properly implemented security functionality


user's viewpoint – friendliness
system's viewpoint – evolution and migration
modularity, scalability, portability and interoperability

Return on Investment

Dekart saves you time and money by eliminating 50% of help desk calls related to lost, stolen and forgotten passwords

Dekart Private Disk Multifactor – access encrypted disk using USB flash disks, tokens, smart cards, fingerprints.

Dekart Private Disk Multifactor is fast, secure and reliable disk encryption software. Designed to protect your critical business and financial data, this disk encryption program lets you easily and effectively eliminate the password risk. Dekart Private Disk Multifactor allows creating encrypted disks on CDs, DVDs, iPods,  USB flash drives, and even digital cameras. The encrypted data can be accessed only via smart card/USB flash disk and fingerprint authentication. Smart card and biometric authentication allows you to enjoy the benefits of strong authentication while not to be burdened by memorizing complicated passwords. Read more…

Dekart Private Disk – strong disk encryption, transparent on-the-fly encryption of private information

Disk encryption softwarePowerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to protect your confidential information.  Private Disk hides your programs and data, and restricts access to them. Encrypted disk firewall - in addition to putting data on encrypted partitions, the program can create application-specific protection that ensures that only named computer programs can access the data. Now you can control which applications are trusted to access your encrypted disk, making sure that viruses, worms or other malware stay away from your private information. Read more… 

File encryption – Dekart Keeper

Dekart Secrets Keeper: file encryption tool – 256-bit AES encryption for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Features: USB token, smart card authentication, multivendor support, drag-and-drop encryption and decryption. The information is only accessible to the person who owns the key – a simple password or, for more security, a smart card combined with a personal identification number (PIN). Read more…

Free disk encryption software – Dekart Private Disk Light

Dekart Private Disk Light –  free disk encryption software – protects confidential files against unauthorized access and intrusion, by employing the 128-bit AES encryption. All sensitive data is stored on a virtual encrypted disk (or disks) and can only be accessed by providing the password. In case of loss or theft, confidential data on notebooks and workstations is kept private. Read more…

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