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Disk Encryption SDK – Private Disk SDK

Dekart Private Disk SDK

Easily integrate on-the-fly encryption, disk exclusive access and all other Private Disk capabilities into any application. The SDK gives developers and vendors a key business advantage against their competitors – a strong and reliable protection of sensitive information.

Extend your applications using the SDK's encryption mechanism for securing your workflow, implementing strong NIST-certified encryption into your applications without requiring specialized security expertise. Dekart Private Disk SDK Includes everything you need to quickly and easily build security into new or existing publishing, health care, legal, financial, and other applications. With its unique "disk firewall" feature the developers can ensure that their applications have an exclusive access to the protected disk, thus providing the highest possible level of security. The entire range of features available in Private Disk can be added to your custom application with ease, among them:

  • Disk Firewall – maintain a "white-list" of allowed applications which are able to access the files within the encrypted disk. Applications which are not included in the list will be rejected if they attempt to read or modify the data on your disk. This is a 100% efficient measure against malicious programs, viruses, and other "external factors". More information on application-level firewall
  • Mobility – allows securing files on most types of removable and fixed media, including USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, ZIP-disks, all types of flash memory cards, pendrives, PDAs, iPods and external hard drives.
  • Ease of use – your end-users, employees, customers using your final application find it perfect for daily use as they don't need to be security experts to enjoy the excellent level of protection.
  • Advanced administration – auto-disconnect at inactivity timeout, auto-execute programs and files, versatile logging system, virtual disk activity monitor, Image backup and compression mechanism, separate storage of actual data and encryption-key data, automatic NTFS ACL management, automatic shared folders management, integration into a broad range of development environments.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows Vista.
  • Autorun, Disk Firewall and Autofinish can be disabled without losing their lists.

All these can be used to create custom applications, which meet the requirements of your business. The framework of this SDK can be transparently integrated into your existing programs, avoiding the need to re-write the interface or the existing documentation. This does not raise maintainability-issues, hence saves time and money, allowing your business to focus on essential tasks which require actual attention. The chart below illustrates the process of integrating Dekart Private Disk SDK into your infrastructure (click on the image for an enlarged and more detailed version)

The SDK is a set of dynamic linked libraries (DLL's) and system drivers; the DLL's can be applied in multiple programming languages and IDE's such as Borland Delphi, Borland Builder, Microsoft Visual Studio, Dev-C++ – which means that your existing projects require none or only a few modifications; hence this significantly cuts the production costs and the timing.

The documentation uses an eye-friendly color-scheme which makes the text easily readable, allowing you to concentrate on real tasks instead of wasting time on searches and comprehension.

The package includes sample projects of different complexity, created in Microsoft Visual Studio. The samples 'just work!' so that you can fix your own fully-functional application in just a little bit more than 5 minutes!
You can start coding right away, using the code-comments as a reference.




Program Profile

Released: 16/02/2007
Version: 1.24
Size: 923 kB
Microsoft Windows:

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USD 299 + quarterly royalty fees

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USD 1899 one time fee

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