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Dekart SIM Explorer: new SIM card processing software

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SIM card forensic software designed to find, view and edit files on GSM SIM, 3G USIM or CDMA R-UIM cards. SIM Explorer targets mobile operators, content providers, detectives, developers, reverse engineers and others who need flexible access to the structure of a SIM card.

  • Multiple file scanning modes provide fast and in-depth results, revealing non-standard files on the SIM card.
  • SIM cards are open in read-only mode by default, to ensure that evidence is not changed.
  • Side by side SIM card comparison highlights the differences between cards for you.
  • Live and offline SIM card analysis – a SIM card can be backed up to an image file, later analysis can be conducted without having the card itself.
  • Batch processing mode – write a predefined set of data to a large number of SIM cards.
  • SIM card hash calculation – ensure that the SIM card was not tampered with.















SIM Explorer can view and edit the raw data of the SIM card; it also interprets the contents of the files and displays them in a human-readable form. This makes SIM Explorer a good choice for experts who collect electronic evidence, and for novices who are studying the SIM or USIM standards.

Besides viewing and editing files, SIM Explorer can scan the SIM card to reveal unknown files. The scanning modes are:

  • smart scan is fast and able to find any standard GSM, USIM or R-UIM file;
  • full scan will find all the files on the card, even if they are not defined by the standards;
  • manual search looks for files that have a name that matches a mask, or files that have a specific property (size, record count, etc).

SIM Explorer can conduct a 'live' analysis of the SIM card (i.e. operate with the card directly) or an 'offline' analysis (i.e. the data are backed up to a file and processed without having the SIM card itself).

Other features

  • Enter ADM codes and change files that are otherwise read-only.
  • Generate printable reports about a SIM card, its contents and its properties.
  • View SIM/USIM/R-UIM toolkit applications.
  • View information about any file on the SIM card, interpret the contents of standard SIM and USIM files.
  • View detailed information about the SIM card and the smart card reader.
  • View the status and manage the SIM card's access codes (the state of PIN and PUK, the number of code entering attempts remaining, change the PIN, enable or disable the PIN, unblock the card).
  • Backup and restore individual files, or the entire SIM card.
  • Activate and deactivate files.
  • Increase cyclic files.
  • Manage ADF files.
  • Interpret and display a SIM card's ATR


Dekart SIM Explorer works with any Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in GSM, Nextel SIM card in Nextel, Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) in UMTS, or Removable User Identity Module (RUIM) in CDMA, regardless of network and vendor via a PC/SC-compliant smart card reader.

Program Profile

- Windows 2000/XP, Vista/7
- PC/SC smart card reader


Demo available upon request.

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