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Dekart Key Formatting Utilities

Key Formatting Utilities prepare a USB key or smart card for use by Dekart products. The formatting utility automatically determines the formatting required by different keys or smart cards (over twenty different devices are supported).

The utility does not affect existing information stored on the key, it will not erase existing data, it will only use the free space. Thus the key can be shared with software from other vendors.

Dekart Key Formatting Utilities can format up to 127 devices at the same time, during a single session.

Features and Benefits

  • USB key or Smart Card partial formatting
    If you already use the device for other applications, then Dekart products will utilize only the unused part of memory space.
  • Support for undo functions
    Key Formatting Utility can restore USB key or Smart Card to the state prior to formatting.
  • Vendor Friendly Application
    Key Formatting Utility can preserve data stored on a USB key or Smart Card from other vendors.
  • User Friendly and simple

Program Profile

Version: 1.18 (changelog)

Supported platforms:


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