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Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client

citrix_alliance_partnerDekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client

Features and Benefits

  • Logon for Citrix ICA Client offers a combined hardware and software approach in the form of a USB key, smart card, removable drive and biometric verification device ensuring additional security that cannot be achieved through simple password based solutions.

User mobility

  • One USB flash drive, smart card or token can store up to 32 different Citrix ICA connection details (Login/passwords pairs and server details), which complements the mobility already offered by Citrix.
  • One-step login from a USB drive without host PC installation –  Users can easily connect to the required Citrix Presentation Servers from any machine without the need to have Dekart Logon pre-installed there as it is launched directly from the removable device. Besides the increased flexibility, this feature provides the users with greater security, as all of the user credentials are stored on the removable device.

Simplified connection procedure

  • Once configured to start specific connection on smart card/USB disk insertion event, the connection becomes fully automatic and fast.

Secure Workstation

  • Logon for Citrix ICA Client can be configured to either lock the workstation (Disconnect) or to log off from Citrix server upon removal of the smart card, hardware token or USB drive. No need to remember passwords. The problem of human memory limitations (the need to remember account information) is eliminated, thus the influence of human factor on information security is reduced.

Easier and safer logon procedures

  • No mistakes trying to manually enter complicated passwords
  • One USB token or smart card may be used to store user credentials required to access other applications, eliminating the need for multiple devices. The user can also use the tokens or smart cards he already owns, storing user details to access multiple applications, thus only the free portion of smart card/token memory is reserved for Dekart application data.

Citrix Login

Secure Login Citrix

AutoConnet Citrix

Smart card and biometric authentication, which is an important for protecting enterprise information, complements the strong security already offered by Citrix  Presentation Server. Logon for Citrix ICA Client helps ensure that only authorized users who are positively authenticated gain access.

Program Profile

Released: 07/07/2010
Version: 2.04
Size: 1.6 Mb
What's new in v. 2.04
Microsoft Windows:
2000/XP/2003/7 (32bit and 64bit)

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