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Secure logon for Windows with Dekart Logon

Novell Ready Partner

Strong two and three-factor authentication for Windows, Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. A PIN-protected smart card, token or USB drive is used to unlock the system; biometric identification can be added as another security layer.

  • Randomly generated strong passwords are kept on a key
  • No need to memorize long and complex passwords
  • Multiple user accounts can be stored on a smart card
  • Compatible with a broad range of security hardware

Purchase options

  • Software and hardware bundle – this package combines all the tools you need to get started, and it is offered at a reduced price:
    • one software license
    • a smart card reader
    • a smart card
    USD 65.00 quick buy

  • Just the software – if you already have a card reader and a smart card, or if you plan to use USB flash disks for authentication.
    USD 49.00  quick buy

Simplifying authenticaion

Logon for Windows removes the need to memorize and type long passwords manually.

  • Connect the smart card, token or USB disk to the computer and enter the PIN
  • If the PIN is correct, perform biometric identification (if this feature is enabled)
  • If verification is successful, you are logged on to your desktop or domain
  • Remove the smart card or unplug the token if you wish to lock the workstation

If an invalid PIN is entered 3 times, the key blocks itself and it cannot be used to unlock the computer.


Supported systems

  • Windows 9x/ME, NT, 2000/XP – as standalone workstations and as members of a domain
  • Active Directory; domain controllers can be powered by Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 or Windows 2008; Samba is supported too
  • Novell eDirectory. Full compatibility with Novell Client 4.81 (or higher)


  • Multi-factor authentication – strong encryption algorithms combined with biometric identification protect you from identity theft. Logon for Windows brings multiple authentication factors to your fingertips.
  • Quick authentication – no need to type passwords manually, no chance to make a typo or accidentally lock yourself out of your account. Authentication is fast and error-proof.
  • Quick locking – Logon for Windows can be configured to lock the computer or to log off from Windows the smart card, token or USB drive is removed.
  • Security hardware of different brands can be used – various smart cards, tokens and biometric scanners can be chosen to offer a better integration into your infrastructure.
  • Authentication for multiple users and domains Logon can be configured to logon to several workstations and domains with the use of a single authentication device. The system can be set up to allow several cards to logon to a single computer.
  • Scalability – Logon for Windows is suitable for single-user environments as well as for large corporate networks.

Managing user credentials for hundreds of users

In case you face the difficulty of managing more than 10 users in your organization, Dekart offers Key Manager (free for orders of 10 and more licenses). This user credentials management utility can back up, restore, and duplicate the data stored on the smart cards, USB tokens or flash drives, ensuring the security of your company data even if people lose or break their hardware keys.

Program Profile

Version: 2.22, changelog
Size: 2.2 Mb
Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003


Quick Buy


USD 49.00

quick buy

Student/Educational license.

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