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Dekart Logon for 1C Entreprise

User-friendly and reliable software that adds strong authentication and protects the access to the 1C:Entreprise system. Users no longer need to remember complicated passwords, as all of the login data about the user is stored on a smart card or USB flash disk. The software provides 100% protection of the enterprise financial information located inside the 1C: Enterprise databases and makes the risk of data theft virtually nil.

Note: The Dekart Logon for 1C Entreprise and corresponding documentation is available in Russian language only.

How 1C Logon protects data for 1C: Entreprise:

All the user data is encrypted and stored on a removable key. In order to access 1C Entreprise system the user plugs in the key, enters the PIN code and (optionally) authenticates with some biometric device (e.g. fingerprint scanner). If after three attempts the PIN code is still entered incorrectly the key blocks itself and restricts the access to the data.

Key Features of 1C Logon:

  • Simple and automatic access to data
    By using 1CLogon, companies and enterprises can significantly increase the overall level of security, while decreasing time spent by the support or network administrators to recover lost passwords. The program removes the burden of entering and re-entering password, as well as the need of remembering them.  Password administration is reduced to a minimum or eliminated altogether, effectively saving time, effort, and cost.
  • Multiple authentication methods
    The user can authenticate into the system with just a password, PIN protected smart card or token, or with his personal biometric parameters.
  • Secure Data locking
    The software can be configured to lock or to log off from the system upon removal of the card, hardware token or USB drive. No need to remember logins and passwords: all logins and passwords are securely stored on the smart card, hardware token or USB flash drive, easily connected to the computer.

  • Wide range of supported authentication devices
    The user can authenticate into the system with a wide range of supported devices, from simple USB Flash disks to advanced biometric scanners. Click here to see the full list.

Software requirements for 1C Logon:

Windows OS 95/98/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP. 
1C: Entreprise versions 7.5/7.7/8.0. 
Removable key drivers
Biometric device drivers

Program Profile

Released: 04/10/2005
Version: 1.1
Size: 2.373 Mb
What's new in v. 1.1
Microsoft Windows:

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