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Authentication and Access Control Software

User authentication and data integrity plays a critical role in the efficient execution of business. To achieve this, companies have to set up appropriate access rights for their users. They also face the challenge of compliance to multiple regulatory issues like Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX/SOX), Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) and other regulations like the Federal Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Why smart-card/token and biometric logon is better than password logon

Dekart authentication solutions address two of the major regulatory compliance issues – strong user authentication and password management. Dekart provides cost-effective two and three factor authentication solutions that allow to build a secure company infrastructure in the shortest possible time with minimal expenses and effort for solution deployment.

Designed to be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, offering  native support for Active Directory, eDirectory and Novell Client, Microsoft Windows 9x, 2000/2003 and XP, Lotus Notes and Citrix – Dekart authentication solutions can be easily deployed to provide secure environment and help your company meet regulatory compliance.

With Dekart's commitment to its customers, you will get not only the solution for securing information and proper user authentication, but lifelong support addressing your needs and continuous product improvement.

User authentication software – features:

Dekart Logon – biometric and smart card/USB token/USB flash disk authentication for Windows, Novell, Active Directory.

Authentication software for Windows, NovellUser friendly authentication software which allows to easily log on to Windows PCs without the need to memorize passwords. Users can protect access to Windows PCs with a broad range of devices, such as flash disks, smart cards, tokens or digital audio players, paired with fingerprint readers. The program reduces security risks and enhances your flexibility, making user authentication simpler than ever. Dekart Logon offers native support for Microsoft Windows 9x/2000, XP, Windows Server 2003 and close integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. Full compatibility with Novell Client. Read more… 

Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes – biometric and smart card/USB token/USB flash disk authentication for Lotus Notes environment.

Strong authentication specifically designed to protect access to Lotus Notes. With tokens and smart cards that store Lotus Notes ID-file, passphrase and biometric data, and tight integration with Lotus Notes, Logon for Lotus Notes lets you easily and cost-effectively eliminate the password risk. Read more…

Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client – secure biometric and smart card/USB token/USB flash disk authentication for Citrix ICA Client software and Citrix server connection.

Cost-effective solution for making access to Citrix server resources easier, faster and more secure by using a smart card, USB token or USB flash disk. It allows users to stop memorizing their passwords, by securely storing multiple connections and passwords on hardware devices and using them to conveniently access their Citrix resources. One-step login from a USB drive without installation – users can easily connect to the required Citrix server from any machine without the need to have Logon for Citrix pre-installed there – as it is launched directly from the removable device.  Read more… 

Dekart Terminal Logon – adds advanced multi-factor authentication for Telnet and SSH sessions.

This solution is designed to provide an additional layer of security to those who often connect to remote Linux or Unix servers via SSH or Telnet. Acting as an intermediary between the client and the server, Dekart Terminal Logon can quickly become an administrator's best friend, adding the ability to securely store multiple user accounts on a broad range of smart cards and tokens. Terminal Logon comes with a FREE license for Dekart Key Manager, which enables you to create encrypted backups and easily manage the keys. The other advantages offered by Terminal Logon area

Dekart Password Carrier – Secure password manager and web form filler

Password management tool that automatically collects your passwords and personal data as you type them. The information is then encrypted and stored on a key drive that can be used exclusively by you. Next time you have to fill out the forms, Password Carrier will do it for you. The software is optimized for working with flash memory as a carrier. Read more…

Dekart Logon for 1C Entreprise – secure authentication for 1C Entreprise application

Software solution that offers two and three factor authentication and protects the access to the 1C:Entreprise system. Read more…

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