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Security Products


For businesses and individuals to protect all information stored on laptop/desktop computers and all types of removable media (USB flash drives, CDs/DVDs etc). Minimizes data theft and provides top level protection of sensitive business and private information. Industry standard NIST certified AES encryption.

Private Disk – Hard disk encryption software. 256-bit AES encryption, high configurability, application-level protection, USB disk portability
PD File Move – Simplify the use of Private Disk; the process is not only quicker, but it also avoids the errors that could be caused by the human factor.
Private Disk Multifactor – Hard disk encryption software. 256-bit AES encryption, server mode, smart card/USB disk and biometric authentication, flash drive portability
Private Disk Light – Free hard disk encryption software. 128-bit AES encryption, portability
Secrets Keeper – File encryption software. 256-AES encryption, integration with MS Office, portability


For enterprises, businesses and individuals requiring protection for their systems, servers, and company resources. Smart card/USB stick and biometric authentication software supporting multiple  devices.

Logon – Password replacement solution for Windows PCs, integration with Novell Client, Active Directory
Logon for Lotus Notes – access control software for Lotus Notes
Terminal Logon – automates and secures terminal connections, eliminates the password risk
Logon for Citrix ICA Client – secures Citrix connections, adds mobility to Citrix users
Dekart Password Carrier – Secure web form filler for Internet Explorer and password manager
Logon for 1C Entreprise – protects 1C Entreprise system, protects private data, eliminates password risk.


Email encryption with smart card and biometric authentication

RSA Cryptographic Provider – Digital signatures, email encryption

Digital ID – A free Digital ID signature service.

Smart card management

Handy utilities for managing smart cards and mobile SIM cards

SIM Explorer - Dekart SIM Explorer is an intelligent cell phone card processing tool, designed to view and edit the contents of a GSM SIM, 3G USIM or CDMA R-UIM card.
Key Manager – Backup and edit smart card contents
Key Formatting Utilities – Smart card formatting software
SIM Manager – Mobile phone SIM card editor

Developer Tools

Software Development Kits

Private Disk SDK – Hard disk encryption software development kit

Security Hardware

USB tokens, smart cards, biometric scanners 

SIM Card Reader – SIM card/smart card reader for mobile phone management and smart card management.

Smart Container – Flash drive protected with a smart card: an ultimate solution for personal data storage.

Integrated Security Solutions

Security software solutions  which  consist of several Dekart security programs

Dekart Security Suite – Disk encryption, file encryption, digital certificates and secure login for your desktop all bundled in one package.

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