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SIM Reader installation

NOTE: this guide applies to the model of reader sold until 1st November 2006. If you purchased a newer model of the SIM reader, please, download the driver for it and follow the installation instructions.

What is Dekart SIM Reader (older model)

SIM readerDekart SIM reader is the world's smallest USB plug-in smart card reader.  This small and attractive SIM reader reads and writes data from SIM cards.  The SIM reader has been sold with a FREE SIM card editor.

How to install the drivers for Dekart SIM Reader

Download Dekart SIM Reader drivers

Note:  Do not insert the SIM reader in the USB port before installing the SIM reader driver

  1. Launch simreader.exe (fig.1)
  2. Read the license agreement, click Next if you agree with the terms. (fig.2)
  3. Select the directory in which you want to install Dekart SIM Reader.(fig.3)
  4. Click Next to copy the necessary files. (fig.4)
  5. Once you see the following message on your screen (fig.5), plug the SIM reader into a USB port.
  6. Wait until all the system dialogues disappear. The installation is almost complete. If your OS is Windows 2000, the following window (fig.6) might pop up. Click OK. When this window (fig.7) appears on your screen, you should type in the path to the directory in which Dekart SIM Reader was installed (see step 3)
  7. The installation program will ask you to restart your computer after the reader installation is complete.(fig.8)


If you are experiencing various problems with Dekart SIM card reader, check how the reader is recognized by your system. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on My computer, select Properties, go to the Hardware tab.(fig.9)
  • Click Device Manager.(fig.10)
  • If the SIM reader was not installed correctly, you will see an exclamation sign next to the Smart Card Reader item. (fig.11) Uninstall the reader (right click the item, select Uninstall, follow the instructions), unplug it from your USB port, then go through the Dekart SIM Reader installation procedure again.
  • If the SIM reader is detected properly, but you are still unable to use it, try the following:

    Windows 9x/Me users: 

Download and install Microsoft Smart Card Base Components 1.0

Note: do not install the Smart Card Base Components if you have Windows 2000/XP.

Windows 2000/XP users: 

Check whether the "Smart Card" service is running. To do this, right click on My computer, select Manage. The Computer Management Window will appear. Go to Services and Applications->Services. Find the service in the list.

Smart Card (Description: Manages access to smart cards read by this computer. If this service is stopped, this computer will be unable to read smart cards. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start). Make sure it has the "Started" status. If not try to start it.


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