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Why Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client?

The benefits of Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client are the following:

  • Multi-factor Authentication: users can be positively identified for access to Citrix-based resources via a wide range of digital identity credentials and biometric devices.
  • No need to remember logins, passwords and servers: all logins and passwords are securely stored on the smart card, hardware token or USB flash drive, easily connected to the computer.
  • Automated access: users enjoy one-step authenticated access to Citrix-based applications; once configured to start specific connection on hardware token insertion event, the connection becomes fully automatic and fast.
  • Hardware variety: the ability to choose from a large variety of supported devices, from different vendor' smart cards and tokens to ordinary USB flash drives, allows choosing the device which would best satisfy user's needs. (Supported smart cards, tokens, biometric devices).
  • Mobility: The ability to store multiple connections, logins and passwords on the same device allows users to enjoy even greater mobility already offered by Citrix.
  • One-step login from a USB drive without host PC installation:  Users can easily connect to the required Citrix server from any machine without the need to have Dekart Logon pre-installed there – as it is launched directly from the removable device. Besides the increased flexibility, this feature provides the users with greater security, as all of the user credentials are stored on the removable device.
  • Cost-effective pricing: Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client costs as low as $39 – business license and $19 – student license. Volume discounts apply. The software allows to save helpdesk and password management costs and improve convenience of users.

Users can choose from an extremely wide range of devices, which can be used to securely store their Citrix connections' details. These can be different smart cards, USB tokens, USB flash drives and many other devices, which can be used for storing user credentials (floppy disks, CD, CD/R, CD/RW, MO, MD, ZIP-disks, Pocket PCs, iPODs all types of flash memory cards). One security token, depending on its memory size, can be used to store many ICA-connections. These ICA-connections can be set up for accessing different Citrix MetaFrame servers, with different logins and passwords.

You may need to use different applications at one Citrix MetaFrame server, each requiring a separate login and password. There are cases when you cannot access the Citrix MetaFrame server from one specific location, i.e. you are required to use different workstations to access necessary applications. This means that you will need to manually configure all ICA-connections in Citrix ICA Client, at every computer you use to access Citrix applications.

Logon for Citrix ICA Client is the solution to all problems mentioned above, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords, logins and servers and the inconvenience of manual work entering the connections details. You may also choose to enhance the security of connections, by enabling biometric authentication to access Citrix resources. When Logon for Citrix ICA Client is used, all ICA-connections once configured in Citrix Program Neighborhood (Citrix ICA Client) are stored in protected devices such as smart cards, USB tokens etc.

All passwords and logins stored on the security device are protected with user-defined PIN-code, which means that without the correct PIN code this information becomes inaccessible. Moreover, the access to the important information can be protected with user's "biometric identifier" (e.g. fingerprint scans). Thus, even if the smart card, USB token or USB flash drive is lost or stolen, and it has not been PIN code protected, no one will be able to access the Citrix server without the owner's biometric identifiers (third factor of authentication).

Customers, purchasing more than ten licenses of Logon for Citrix ICA Client, are entitled to receiving a utility simplifying the process of security software management within the enterprise. Dekart Key Manager is a software for administrators charged with the challenging task of management of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of USB keys and smart cards. Key Manager allows performing backups, duplicating and replacing smart card data, thus ensuring that all necessary information will be recovered even if the smart card gets broken or lost.


Logon for Citrix ICA Client allows connecting to Citrix Metaframe server in the following few steps: connecting the security device to the computer, entering PIN code and providing a biometric identifier, if required. To disconnect from the server, the only thing to do is to disconnect the security device from the computer.

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