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How to use Dekart Logon to securely access Samba

Dekart Logon: a safe for your passwords to access Windows.

Current version: 2.21

Short description:
Dekart logon allows to maximize the security and convenience of users accessing Windows, automate business processes and save costs.

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strong authentication for Windows

The problem: the Samba administrator assigned you a very long and complicated password and told you that under no circumstances you are allowed to stick the password to your monitor or write it down. Or it is you that have the task of administering office computers and your main concern are the users that do not care about the security of their passwords and the security of the entire network at all.

The solution: Dekart logon allows to easily satisfy the needs of both the administrators and users, making the access to the protected resources easier, faster and more secure. The greatest benefit of storing the logins and passwords to access Windows on different types of key storage devices (smart cards, USB tokens, USB flash drives and even floppy disks) is that users can easily log into Windows without even remembering their passwords, by simply connecting the hardware key to the computer. The administrator can now write the password of the required length to the device (up to 256 characters) and assign this device to the corresponding user.

Additional free software for administrators: In case you face up the difficulty of managing more than 10 users in your organization, Dekart offers its Dekart Key Manager utility (FREE for orders of 10 and more licenses). The Key Manager utility allows to easily backup, restore, duplicate the data stored on the smart cards, USB tokens or flash drives, ensuring the security of your enterprise data even if users lose or break their hardware keys.

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