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Family PC with Dekart Logon

This article describes how to use Dekart Logon at home.

Nowadays, the computer has become a powerful and widespread medium. A modern PC's resources allow its sharing by many people converting its use from personal to a common one. The family's day schedule allows all family members to use the computer without interfering each other. This made the software companies consider the need for computer sharing and make the software easily suit users' needs.

INFO: One of the newest types of computer networking technologies is known as Terminal Servers. It allows everyone to use a computer even if it is an old and weak one. Using such computer to connect to a server, the user is able to perform all necessary tasks and run the required programs using the resources of this server. This type of computer environment has recently become very common in large companies and organizations.

Such approach allows different people to share a single powerful computer, at the same time enjoying the convenience of their personalized environment with their own documents and settings. As soon as the user account is created, the user may access his Windows environment using his username and password. No matter what tasks he performs on the remote (or local) server, he does not interfere with other users. This means that such a computer can be used by the whole family or a group of people. The advantage is obvious – this allows cutting down on new computer hardware expenses and make daily computer routines easy and convenient.

Users may also avoid the necessity to manually enter their usernames and passwords. When the computer is started, Windows asks you to choose the user account to work in. During their normal work, family users can easily switch from one account to another. But so far, this service is available only on Windows XP.

INFO: Companies have their own special policies defining computer usage rules, for example, all company employees must have strong passwords to access their computer accounts, and every time they leave the workplace they have to block the access to the computer. The passwords are periodically changed in order to reduce the chances of being stolen or used by unauthorized individuals.

As users work, their computers start to accumulate large volumes of data. These can be images, music, video or such human intellectual property as writings, schemes, graphs, programs, confidential correspondence, etc. At this point, the user may need to protect his confidential information from the prying eyes of his relatives or third-party unauthorized individuals.

Windows offers a password-based approach to protecting user environment. This does not seem to be very convenient, especially for home users. With Dekart Logon, you can stop memorizing your passwords and replace them with a USB token, smart card or even USB flash drive.


INFO: A USB token (or smart card) is--a hardware replacement for usernames and passwords. In organizations, the administrator issues a smart card to each network user. The card is programmed to contain the user's login name and password. The card can also contain a user's public key certificates. Its cost varies from 30 to 60 USD.

Dekart Logon allows to store your username and password on the hardware key and then use this key to access your personal computer environment. If you don't have a USB token or a smart card, you may use a USB flash drive to access your computer.

In every house, there are keys that are used by all family members, like the front door or the mail box keys. Usually kids don't have access to the areas they are not allowed to enter alone, so they don't have the car keys, for example. It is then natural that you may want to restrict them from accessing your Windows account. To access Windows, you simply plug the hardware key into the USB port (or insert it in a smart card reader). You may want to keep this hardware key private or share it openly with family members. If you intend to keep it in a relatively public place, it can be protected by a password or biometric identification, this way only the owner can use it.

INFO: Biometrics –verification of user's physical characteristics by means of special biometric equipment (voice, fingerprints, iris or other physical characteristics). The approximate cost for a fingerprint scanner is about 100 USD.


The principle of biometric protection is simple: first, you register your fingerprints within the software and write these templates on the hardware key. When you logon to Windows, the software asks you to scan your fingerprints; if these scans match the templates you have previously stored on the key, you get access to the username and password and then successfully enter your Windows account.

A note about Windows 98: Dekart Logon allows to improve the security of Windows 98 login. The login screen can not be cancelled by pressing Cancel, the user is required to enter his user name and password (or the Key). You can also use the Key to unblock the screensaver.

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