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How to store user authentication data on floppy disk or CD?

Applicable to Dekart Logon, Dekart Private Disk Multifactor, Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client and all other products supporting two- and three-factor authentication.

Floppy disk:

The use of the floppy disk in Dekart applications is disabled by default, because many machines produce an annoying noise when the program constantly addresses the floppy disk drive. This continuous monitoring of the device is intended for detecting the disk removal, which would then mean that the program should either unmount the encrypted disk (Private Disk Multifactor), Logoff or Lock the Workstation (Dekart Logon) or Disconnect the Citrix session (Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client).

Please, download the EnableFloppy.reg file which will enable the use of floppy disk. Simply unzip it and run and restart the Dekart application. Then you will be able to see your floppy as a removable device in the Dekart application admin panel and write user data onto it.


You could also use the CD disks for user authentication with Dekart applications. First, write the user data to the floppy disk (see above). After the software writes the smartkey.dka file to the floppy, you can copy this file and burn it onto a CD-ROM.

Disable Floppy disk usage:

You may want to disable the use of floppy disk once you have decided using the CD, USB flash disk or a smart card for authentication with Dekart applications. To do it, simply download the DisableFloppy.reg file. Unzip it, run and restart Dekart application.

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