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How to begin work with Dekart Private Disk – a step-by-step guide

How to begin work with Dekart Private Disk and start protecting confidential information immediately

After you install Private Disk on the fly disk encryption program, please go to the Start->Programs->Dekart->Private Disk, run the program and then you will see the four buttons in the Disk tab:

"Connect"  – activates virtual encrypted disk;

"Create" - creates and formats new virtual encrypted disk;

"Delete"  - erases virtual encrypted disk;

"Properties"  – lets you change properties of the virtual encrypted disk.

Disk control panel

1. Click  the Create button, and then create ANY file (it can be example.dpd, example.txt, disk.jpg,  whatever..) in the folder you would like the encrypted disk to be located. Make sure you define the necessary size (20MB, 120MB, etc). Define the disk letter and press Create.

creating encrypted disk to protect private data

A new screen will appear and ask you to enter the password.

encryption password

Then you will be asked to format the disk.

formatting encrypted partition

After pressing the OK button, the next screen will appear. Press OK.

disk successfully created

Now the Formatter window will appear. If you are not familiar with file system formats, then do not select anything and just click Start.

format options

2. After formatting is complete, click the Connect button in the program interface.

encryption software – control panel

Then select your file in the window that appears.

open encrypted disk

You will be asked to enter your password here.

encryption password

The disk is now connected. You can now see that a new tab has appeared in program interface.

encrypted disk ready to work

3. Then go to desktop, and press the My computer icon.You will find another disk letter (Y: on the screen shot, usually Z:).

disk shown

You can copy, create or move your important data to this disk. The data is encrypted on the fly, when you work with the disk.

4. To make this disk invisible please click the "Disconnect" button in program interface, in the tab of the disk. After you disconnect the disk, the data it contains will be inaccessible and unreadable.

disconnect disk

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