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Seven ways to use disk encryption software

There are many different ways you can make Private Disk meet your security and mobility needs. We want to tell you about our experience with Private Disk strong file encryption, share other people's ideas and suggestions, and help you choose the most appropriate way to protect your sensitive information.

  • Most common way – you create an encrypted disk and move all your confidential information to it. Now it is protected with strong 256-bit AES encryption, and if you set a strong password, you can be absolutely sure that no other person will ever access your data.
  • If you tend to do most of your work on different computers, in Internet cafes, or when you are visiting friends and using their computers, then you can simply write all important data to a portable storage device like a CD, USB flash drive etc. You create a virtual encrypted disk of the required size (depending on the memory size of your storage device), move your data there, burn this file image onto the CD-R/RW disk (or simply move it to the USB flash drive), burn the Private Disk files and then make an autorun.inf to be able to open your disk from any location, on any computer without installing Private Disk ( Click to view the detailed instructions ).
  • You can protect data on your notebook computer against any information theft, even if it is lost or stolen. Thanks to this strong file encryption software, all your important documents and intellectual work will remain hidden and unreadable, and you can be sure that none of your ideas, plans or details about your private life will be disclosed to anyone. The only thing you have to remember is to backup all important data from Private Disk to a secure and reliable location (the backup copy is also encrypted). This location could be any portable storage device, backup server etc.
  • This is the best way to protect yourself while surfing the Web. You can never be sure that there is no new security hole discovered by attackers and not yet known to Microsoft, you cannot be sure that your antivirus program is always up to date, but with Private Disk you can be sure that even if an attacker accesses your computer he will not be able to access your protected files.
  • You can make your Outlook Express mail inaccessible and unreadable even if someone gets access to your computer. If you integrate Outlook Express with Private Disk, all your mail messages will be stored in the encrypted form, protected by a strong 256-bit AES encryption (the AES algorithm is the strongest algorithm known today). This makes you confident that no one will ever be able to read your secret correspondence, view your important business email and contacts. Learn how to protect Outlook Express with Private Disk…
  • You can use the command line feature of Private Disk to create your own applications or make the applications you work with integrate with Private Disk.
  • If there are two or three persons using the same computer, each of you can have its private disk on that computer, and you will always be sure that your data is read and viewed by you only. This is also convenient for organizations, where each employee can securely work with their private disk located on the server.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how to use our strong file encryption software. Every month we award the person who sent us the most useful and unordinary idea with the FREE license for Dekart Private Disk!

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