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How do I obtain a Digital ID?

You can obtain a Digital ID even for your yahoo, hotmail and other free email accounts and use it to sign and encrypt your emails, if you use an email client to send and receive the messages from these accounts (not via Web interface).

Please, go to the . Fill in all required fields and press the Request Certificate button. If you are in doubt on what Cryptoprovider to choose, please leave the one selected by default. After the server processes your request, you will receive an email containing the Digital ID installation script.

Click the "Install" button to install the certificate. If you don't get a "Your certificate installed successfully", then you will need to open an attached .html file. Make sure, that Internet Explorer is the default browser on your computer – currently the script for Digital ID installation supports only this browser. Click the "Install" button to install the certificate.

Possible problems:

If you try opening the attached html file and click on the "Install" button but nothing happened, then the problem might be in your Internet Explorer security settings. Probably your Internet Explorer is configured for maximum security and Internet Explorer doesn't allow running any scripts. Therefore it is necessary to enable a relevant option.

To enable this option please run your Internet Explorer, click Tools-menu, click Internet Options-submenu, select Security-tab, click Custom Level-button, find Scripting-group, select Active scripting-option, click Prompt or Enable and click OK. After that you will be able to install your digital ID.

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