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How to help us help you


Dear customers,

Most of your requests cannot be immediately processed, due to the lack of input information. That is why our technical support team has to ask various details before being able to give you actual advice. As a consequence – your problem takes more time, and your business is forced to stay idle. On our side things aren't better either – each assignment requires at least two extra "cycles" (1 – ask details from the client, 2- wait for the client's reply), hence most of their time, our support team members are not able to focus on a particular task. This is rather problematic, especially that because of time zone differences, even a simple question can sometimes stay in our queue for two days.


In the next sections you will find a list of details you will most probably be asked about. If you supply them from the very beginning, consider that the answer to your initial problem is almost twice as close to you as it would "normally" be. Do not get confused by the items which are not known to you, just skip them.

General stuff

These details are relevant in 93.45% of the situations  

  • Windows version  
  • List of patches and system updates (service packs)  
  • The disk on which Windows is installed (C:, D:, etc). If you have several hard drives, please specify whether it is on the primary or secondary channel; or if it is set to master or slave  
  • Which user you are logged in with (Administrator, Guest, etc.)  
  • Are you using a registered, licensed (bundled with a magazine) or trial version of our product?  
  • Which version of the product are you using?  
  • Is the problem permanent, or does it occur from time to time only?  
  • Have you installed a new OS recently?  
  • Do you have an antivirus or a firewall? (If yes, please be specific)  
  • Is the hardware you use (if any) in our supported devices list?

Private Disk related  

  • File system of the partition on which the virtual encrypted image resides  
  • File system of the virtual encrypted image  
  • The size of the virtual encrypted image  
  • The location of the virtual encrypted image (Hard disk, USB drive, CD, network, etc)  
  • The parameters of the image (read only, removable disk, hidden, etc)

SIM Manager related  

  • Do you use it with Dekart SIM Reader, or with a 3rd party product?

Dekart Logon related  

  • Do you have a Windows domain?

Get personal

The replies you receive from our support department are not generated by auto-responders; there is a real human being behind each message. (In fact, the whole development team is involved in each reply.) That is why we encourage you to be open-minded.  

  • Feel free to estimate your computer skills, so that we can figure out how complex our answers should be. You can do it in any way you want, either on a scale from 1 to 10, or in a more exotic way, such as a sentence like "I can tell the difference between Windows and doors". 
  • Do not hesitate to tell us which troubleshooting steps you have tried, so that we do not waste our time on useless instructions. 
  • Be creative. If you feel that there are things we should know, yet they are not specified in the lists above, share them with us. We will analyze your feedback and update this document whenever it is needed.

If you think a screenshot is better than a thousand words – send it. If you have a link to a site that contains information that will be useful to the case – send it.

Whatever it is, if you think it is useful – we are interested in it.


As you can see, the utility and the fastness of our reply depends on you. The more information you provide – the better.

Your feedback is of a great value


Dekart support department.

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