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How to update your disk encryption and access control software


Once a week, the program connects to our site via the HTTP protocol and downloads a small text-file, which contains information about the latest version. The program analyzes the file, and if a newer version exists, the user is notified.

Depending on the program, the retrieved file is different. Private Disk Light examines this one: Dekart Private Disk Light.txt


Smiley Is there a risk?

No, there is no risk at all, as the only host the program connects to is our official site.

Smiley Can you explain in more details the actions that happen?

The program connects to port 80 of the remote host www.dekart.comSmiley My firewall tells me that your program accesses the Internet. How can I prevent that message from appearing again?
and where the host is
and where the remote port is HTTP
and where the local port is 1024-65535
Allow it

Here is a screenshot:

firewall rules

Smiley How can I disable the update check feature?

Wait until a new version is released. The program will pop-up a window with information related to the new version. The window contains a checkbox, labeled "Check if a new version is available". Uncheck that option.

That can also be done via the program's GUI (graphical user interface), by switching to the "Options" tab and clicking the proper checkbox.

Another way is to manually edit the ini-file in the directory of the program. It contains a parameter called "CheckUpdate", which can be equal to either 0 or 1 (disabled, enabled).


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