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Computer security software

Data encryption software

Nowadays when we communicate through Internet, send and receive files there is always a chance that somebody intercepts your packets. This can lead to identity theft. Every time you send your card number somewhere online, it can be caught on its way to the recipient. Besides hackers can break into your computer and steal your personal data right from your disc. In order to evade these problems you need to raise your computer security. You should be smarter than those who make the same mistake repeatedly; protect your data and it will save you money and nerves.

The other popular story when people loose data on their flash drives, stolen laptops and portable HDDs. Sensitive data can be read from there and used harming your wealth. Data encryption software is what we all need in order to secure our data and not let thefts use it. Data that is encrypted with such computer security software is virtually unreadable if somebody steals it. It is not only password protected it is also encrypted using special algorithms. It can take too much time to decrypt data stolen from you. This is why data encryption software can be the best choice for you.

Computer security software that use encryption

There are programs that do not encrypt data to protect it; antivirus programs, firewall programs are all useless when your flash drive is lost or stolen because do not actually do anything to your data. However, it needs to be changed from its original form in order to become unreadable for the thefts.

Programs like Private Disk that are specially designed for this purpose will provide you a needed level of protection. They do not only encrypt data; they also protect it in order to prevent data leaks from your computer.

Having a complex protection like this one, you will assure the safety of your data. However there is different encryption software that gives you a very low level of protection so you might want to check its certificates. Private Disk is AES – 256, NIST certified which means that it will truly protect your data.

Private disk features a disk firewall that protects your data from unwanted access will protect your files not only from people but also for malicious programs that try to read it. Because encrypted data can also be stolen without a disk firewall, this is why this feature is a necessary one for somebody who cares for his data.

Security software like Private Disk features many other tools like compressed backups, automatic key backups etc. to make your data more protected. Compressed backups will also save your disc space.

Last but not the least: Private Disk protection will not slow your computer down as it does not work like antivirus programs and other firewall programs. It acts only when somebody or some unknown program is trying to access your data.

When your computer is protected with such computer security software as Private Disk you can freely go online and enjoy web surfing. It will not let other people to steal your data and your password and other sensitive information will be safe on your computer.


Private Disk sets up a new trend in computer security. It not only encrypts data on any Windows PC, but also on any storage media (provides encryption of HDD, CD, DVD, any kind of flash memory cards, iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones). Proactive defense, provided by disk firewall, combined with on-the-fly disk encryption, make a new, strong and clear endpoint environment. These features make Private Disk different among other computer security software.

Designed to provide strong data protection with minimal efforts, Private Disk has an intuitive user friendly interface. It comes in a bundle with an automatic deployment tool, Private Disk File Move. That makes this computer security software

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