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Encrypt your hard drive – why choose Private Disk?

Encrypt your hard drive with Private Disk

In today's world, keeping your data secure is crucial. Whether you're concerned about hackers, curious employees or nosy flatmates, there are bound to be things on your computer that you want to keep to yourself. Encrypting your hard drive with Private Disk is a reliable solution – and here five great reasons for doing so.

  1. Strong encryption – hard drive encryption with Private Disk is solid and completely reliable. Using strong AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to protect your data, you can rest assured that your confidential information is not seen by anybody else. As an extra security measure, Private Disk can be set up to disconnect your encrypted disk when it's been left unsupervised for a certain period of time – so even if you forget about it, your data remains secure!
  2. Ease-of-use – Private Disk is incredibly easy to use. People with no previous experience of encryption can learn to encrypt their hard drives in mere moments, making Private Disk ideal for non-technical and busy users. The one-step installation is another bonus, ensuring that you can start protecting your data today.
  3. Affordable price – compared with many other encryption solutions, Private Disk is remarkably affordable. At only $65, this hard drive encryption software is cost-effective as well as powerful. Of course, you can also choose to have a look at the free trial version first – it includes all the normal features and remains fully functional for 30 days.
  4. Portability – Private Disk is not only for desktop and laptop hard drives. This encryption software can also be used on a wide variety of portable devices, including CDs, ZIP disks, iPods, USB flash drives and digital cameras. Security should not be limited to your own home or office – make sure you protect your data wherever you are.
  5. Peace of mind – the main benefit of Private Disk. All the powerful, intuitive features mean that you can relax and enjoy the fact that your data is truly secure. Hackers won't access your banking details, co-workers won't read your private documents, and nosy flatmates won't look at your personal photos or journal entries. When you encrypt your hard drive with Private Disk, you choose who can see and access your information – it is not left to chance or bad luck.

Keep your data safe with Private Disk hard drive encryption – read more about it.

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