SIM Card Reader quick-start guide

Thank you for purchasing our card reader and software. Please follow these instructions to set it up on your computer. This guide is also available in a printable version.
  1. Download and run the installation program
  2. Click Next to install SIMple, wait for the transfer to complete
  3. Click Next to install the card reader driver
  4. Connect the card reader to a USB port
  5. Let Windows “think” for a while, you will see “ready to use” when the setup is successful
  6. Done! You can run SIMple by clicking the new icon on the Desktop
  7. Plug the SIM card in, as shown on the reader’s dark side

Step by step installation

  1. Download and run SIMple's installation program
  2. Click Next to begin the installion Screenshot of the beginning of SIM Manager's installation
  3. Wait for the files to be copied to your system The installer copies the files
  4. Click Finish The installer is done copying SIM Manager
  5. Another window will be shown, click Next to install the device driver Driver installation for the SIM card reader
  6. Wait for the files to be copied Copying the SIM card reader driver files to the system
  7. Click Finish when the device is ready to use Finishing SIM card reader driver installation

Contact details

If you need additional guidance, please get in touch with us.

Our working hours are between 9:00 and 18:00 (GMT+2); if you can’t reach us, please send us an e-mail with your phone number and the time you would like us to give you a call.

Thank you for choosing our solutions, we hope you will enjoy using SIM card reader and software.
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