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Affiliate Partner Program

Here at Dekart we like data protection software and our customers like it as well. If you found our software useful and you know others who might need it – why not turn this knowledge into a commission income for you? So:

  • If you have a webpage, a software shop or a personal mailing list;
  • If you spend some time on tech- and security-related forums;
  • Or if you simply have friends who need to protect their private information

Then Dekart Affiliate program might be just for you!

Taking part in the Dekart Affiliate Program you can earn money by referring customers to a product order page. You can do this by placing links on your site or submitting the links to some forums or sending the links directly to your friends. Every time a customer you've referred to us makes a purchase, you earn commission. Easy!

Why Should I Join?

  • It's FREE to join and free to quit. Joining takes no extra costs and you can stop the partnership just at any time you want.
  • It's Easy – sign-up, place our link/banner to your website then sit back and see the money flowing into your account!
  • It's Profitable – We offer up to 55% commission rates for each purchase tracked from you.
  • It's absolutely Safe! All the money transactions are made through independent transaction processing companies, known for their high security and reliability standards. All order information is transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol, which encrypts all of your personal information, ensuring that no one can access or use it in an unauthorized manner.

How does the Program Work?

  1. A visitor browses a site, sees your advertisement or a review of our product. He gets interested by its content and clicks on the purchase link.
  2. The visitor orders our products via a special purchase link with an affiliate number (yours!) and – immediately after the order is approved, you get a confirmation e-mail indicating the commission percentage of the product you just sold!
  3. The commission money are accumulated on your processing system account and at the end of each month you get your paycheck with the money you earned.

How much will I earn?

Upon signing up for the Affiliate Program your application is reviewed by Dekart staff and after that, you are granted with a start-up 25% commission rate.

As we are devoted to encourage the performance of our partners after each month the performance of our partners is reviewed again and if improved the commission is raised up to 30-55%.

How do I join?

  • Get a personal account at one of our partner processing systems. To do that you have to complete a short registration form here.
  • Select the Dekart products you want to sell
  • Place the links on your website
  • Relax and start collecting your profits

What Else ?

  • Marketing Materials. We are determined to help you grow your profits and make participation in this program successful and rewarding. For that we are ready to provide you with any advertising materials, e.g. product summaries, logos, documentation you might need.
  • Personal Assistance. Each and every associate partner will be closely reviewed by our staff and provided with our assistance upon request. For example we can provide you with some starting marketing tips, on how and where to sell and advertise our products.
  • NO SPAM Advertising. We encourage you to promote our products using any possible means that you might come up with, however the use of both SPAM and Deceptive advertising are strongly prohibited! We value our good reputation earned over a long time and any affiliate employed in activities of that kind will be banned from further participation in the program.

Sounds Interesting?
Join Now!!!

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