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Our philosophy


Nowadays the IT market tends to go the wrong way. Computers become more performant, the software gets a lot of new features. Companies invest a lot in usability research, yet most of the end users are unable to exploit all the abilities of the available applications.

We believe that it is the responsibility of the developer to make the program understandable, that's why we design our software with this detail in mind.

Our philosophy is that privacy should be within anyone's reach, therefore we always follow these guidelines when developing any project:

  • keep it simple
  • keep it functional
  • keep it flexible
  • keep it user-friendly

Each Dekart application has an intuitive interface that helps you use it without having to think how it interacts with your OS, without being an expert in encryption algorithms, etc. Our ultimate objective is to make the computer a tool you can use right out of the box; rather than a complex mechanism you have to tune before using. The difference is that in the first case the computer is an instrument, while in the second one it tends to become a goal on its own.

Fail-safe and handy software

Have you ever had problems with a pair of scissors or a knife? I guess not.

Then why should it be so that a computer does not work properly unless you restart it a couple of times or close all the windows and then open them again before the blue screen pops up.
You would probably look silly when restarting a pair of scissors a couple of times.

So why are we in a situation in which we cannot just

  • send an encrypted email?
  • print a new photograph?
  • encrypt a file and then open it on a different computer?
  • etc.

Here at Dekart we do our best to make your virtual tools just as fail-safe and straightforward as the ones you apply in your daily life.

 Software that helps

Our applications are built in such a way that you can start using them right after the installation process is complete. You are not burdened with having to choose between multitudes of options you don't understand.
We designed an optimal secure environment, and took most of the complicated decisions for you. As a consequence, Dekart software helps you solve your problems without creating new ones.

You may be surprised by the fact that while using our applications you will not have to choose between different hashing methods or encryption algorithms, even though these options are present in almost any other encryption product.

The explanation is that we decided to base our products entirely on AES 256-bit, the most reliable encryption algorithm available today.

Why AES-256 bit?

Indeed, this is a good question. Our choice was influenced by the following facts:

  • It is a fast algorithm
  • It is a strong algorithm
  • It is a US state standard

The first two arguments are simple: nobody wants to wait forever; nor does anybody want to use an algorithm that will not meet their security requirements. AES 256-bit is the optimal solution, being faster and stronger than DES (not to mention TripleDES) and stronger than Blowfish (even Blowfish-1024, with a key four times longer than AES-256, is still weaker). The third item from the list requires a more detailed explanation. AES 256-bit, unlike other algorithms, is a national standard, adapted by the US government. This means that a company that wants to implement the algorithm, must follow the imposed requirements in order to be accredited. Therefore, only a correct implementation of AES 256-bit will be approved. You can find out more about Dekart certification in the NIST certification of Dekart cryptographic libraries page. In the cases of other algorithms, the quality of the implementation cannot be verified, as it depends on the skill of the developer. You can find out more about the complexity of AES-256 by studying this guide.

 Cost-effective products

We believe that everyone has the right to protect their privacy, that is why our price-policy is user-friendly, so that the products can be afforded by individuals, and not only corporations.

The cost of our products remains unchanged, even though we keep improving them by adding more features and making them more flexible.

We also understand that people with a tight budget need their own space as well. That is why each of our products can be purchased for a special price. The discount applies to students and educational institutions, who get the same product for virtually half of the ordinary cost.

Personal contact

We value each person that comes into a contact with us, and we do our best to make their experience with our products an enjoyable one.

Once you become our customer, you can get free technical support, as well as free minor version updates of the software you purchased. This does not mean that non-clients are left aside.

Dekart is always listening to what you have to say. Each idea suggested by the visitors of our site is carefully examined by our team. If your recommendations turn out to be useful, you are likely to get a free license. In fact, you can get one just by subscribing to our newsletter, but that pushes your luck in the hands of a randomizer, so you are not in control.

We would like to thank you for the interest in our company, and for trusting your privacy to us.

The Dekart team

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