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A certified encryption software guarantees that it does exactly what it says. The security of your data is too important to be left to chance, or to applications that are not reliable and cannot be trusted. As a company that treats data security seriously, Dekart has passed all the required cryptographic tests and can officially announce that all its encryption and hashing algorithm implementations conform to FIPS 197 and FIPS 180-2.

Dekart cryptographic libraries certification

All the cryptographic algorithms applied in Private Disk, Private Disk Multifactor, Secrets Keeper  and other Dekart encryption and authentication solutions have been thoroughly tested by time and by qualified experts. The encryption and hashing algorithms used by Dekart encryption software have been successfully validated as conforming to the industry standard algorithms described in Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), publicly announced standards developed by the United States Federal government.

Industry standard AES 256-bit encryption

The encryption algorithm used by Dekart Private Disk, Private Disk Multifactor and Secrets Keeper, AES 256-bit, was adopted by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as US FIPS PUB 197. Dekart cryptographic libraries used by Dekart software are certified as conforming to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm, as specified in Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 197, Advanced Encryption Standard.

The conformance of Dekart cryptographic implementations to Advanced Encryption Standard is recorded in the Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm Validation List, published at

Advanced Encryption Standard Validation Certificate – ico download .pdf

SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 Secure Hash Algorithm

Dekart encryption programs use Secure Hash Algorithms SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 for generating secret cryptographic keys. You can be sure that the weakness of the older SHA-1 would never compromise the security of your confidential information. The SHA-2 family is meant to overcome the drawbacks of the previously used hashing algorithms, by switching to digests of a longer length. Secure Hash Algorithms are specified in Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 180-2, Secure Hash Standard (SHS).

The conformance of Dekart software implementations to Secure Hash Standard is recorded in the SHS Validation List, published at

Secure Hash Standard Validation Certificate – ico download .pdf

Why use certified encryption software?

Data protection

It is guaranteed that the encryption algorithm was implemented correctly; therefore your private information is as secure as the cryptographic researchers concluded after conducting their studies.
You can be certain of the fact that there are no design flaws in the source code of the encryption modules, thus the encryption software will never be the weakest link of your security infrastructure.

Data integrity

It is guaranteed that the data chunks are processed properly, thus data loss or any form of data altering is impossible. This is a factor of a critical importance, especially when it comes to the speed at which businesses evolve nowadays. You can be certain of the fact that data loss will never be a consequence of the encryption program's actions.

Why choose Dekart encryption software?

Today we serve several hundreds of businesses and enterprises around the world. More than 100000 end-users use our disk encryption and authentication software to protect their private information. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from independent users to large multinational entities, these including banks, hospitals, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, governmental entities and independent professionals.

Software certification is formal proof of the fact that our data protection solutions are reliable. But we understand that we cannot earn your trust by simply providing references to documents. 

You can find out more about Dekart's quality of service by reading users' feedback in the testimonials section.   In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of quick and efficient technical support by contacting our helpdesk; this way you can see the effectiveness of the support we provide before making a final decision.

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